Ankündigung Vortrag: Fast Biomedical Imaging (Raman, Fluorescence, Multiphoton and FLIM) with wavelength-swept Lasers

Sebastian Karpf Juniorprofessor at the Institute of Biomedical Optics (BMO),

University of Lübeck, Germany


Fast Biomedical Imaging (Raman, Fluorescence, Multiphoton and FLIM) with wavelength-swept Lasers

In this talk I will present several fast imaging methods for biomedical optics. They are enabled by the development of new laser sources as well as new concepts for fast microscopy.

1) TICO-Raman: I will present a stimulated Raman microscope for hyperspectral Raman imaging. This is based on a rapidly wavelength swept FDML laser which enables fast coverage of Raman spectra in combination with a flexible, multi-color Raman pump laser. The detection employs an analogue and digital balanced detection for shot-noise limited sensitivity.

2) SP-FLIM: We developed a sub-ns pulsed, fiber-based Laser to achieve multiphoton imaging and FLIM imaging. The lifetime is recorded directly with a fast PMT and high-speed real-time digitizer. In SP-FLIM, we achieve single pulse-per-pixel excitation for record speed FLIM imaging.

3) SLIDE: This system employs a newly developed FDML-MOPA laser and spectro-temporal encoded imaging to achieve fastest multiphoton imaging speeds of 2000fps. Line-scan speeds of >1MHz are achieved which are about 2 orders of magnitude faster than resonant galvanometric scanners. These high frame rates achieved with SLIDE may enable direct observations of neuronal activity at the neuronal network level with millisecond time resolution.

4) SLIDE imaging flow cytometry: With the new SLIDE microscope we perform imaging flow cytometry with confocal resolution at very high flow speeds of up to 1m/s. We achieve sub-cellular resolution images of ten thousands of cells per second with multi-modality imaging (TPEF, SHG, FLIM). We discuss the possibility of streaming the high-speed data acquisition to a GPU and processing the data in real-time for future cell sorting applications.

Termin:                                 4. September 2019 um 11:00 Uhr im Seminarraum
Veranstaltungsort:             Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen e.V., Hans-Adolf-Krebs-Weg 1,
                                               37077 Göttingen



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