Stretched flexible hollow fiber for pulse compression

The standard way of compressing high power laser pulses down to durations in the few-cycle regime is to utilize spectral broadening in gas-filled hollow waveguides. According to recent technologies, the length of such fibres was limited to ~ 1 m. This posed a limitation to the achievable spectral broadening and hence the corresponding pulse compression capability, the transmission, and maximum energy throughput of these schemes.


We introduced a hollow fiber assembly incorporating a stretched flexible capillary, showing ideal waveguide properties at arbitrary lengths. Consequently, an essential former limitation ceased to apply. Therefore, the design strategy for the optimal fiber parameters can now be reformulated. As a result, with the new design, a record compression factor could be achieved. Moreover, compression of CEP stabilized pulses at 1 kHz was demonstrated down to ~3.5 fs with an energy of ~3.5 mJ, thus reaching a peak power of 1 TW. As a further record, our technology helped generating a train of 10 fs pulses, carrying 3.2 mJ at a repetition rate of 100 kHz, delivering an average power of over 300 W.

Available inner diameters  250 µm - 700 µm
Available fiber lenghts       0.3 m - 8 m


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