Department "Short Pulses / Nanostructures"


Materials processing by laser ablation and surface modification enables the flexible fabrication of micro- and nano-structures for challenging applications in a row of contemporary technology areas. Innovative beam delivery concepts allow sub-µm precision, if laser wavelength and pulse duration are suitably selected. The fabrication of structural details of the order of 50 nm are possible.

In this field, ultrashort laser pulses are gaining a rapidly increasing importance for a range of emerging applications. Although compact, industrial-scale short pulse laser systems are commercially available, for a sustainable growth of this technology field it is essential to further develop various short pulse-based techniques. This is one of the main objectives of our department. A special emphasis is put on the generation of energetic ultrashort pulses, particularly in the ultraviolet spectral range, and the fabrication of periodic nanostructures on technical surfaces.

Our activities include the study of dynamics of laser ablation of solid surfaces by ultrashort UV pulses, the direct writing of complex holographic security features and the surface functionalization of technologically important materials. Further research is focused on the nano-patterning of metal surfaces, thin metallic films, and transparent materials. Laser induced structure formation on the nanometer scale as well as the fabrication and characterization of metal and semiconductor nanoparticle films are also investigated.


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Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen e.V. (LLG)

Contact person

Head of the Department
Dr. Peter Simon
"Short Pulses / Nanostructures"

Tel.: +49(0)551/5035-21
FAX: +49(0)551/5035-99

Contact person for
Nano Structure Technology:

Dr. Jürgen Ihlemann
Tel.: +49(0)551/5035-44
FAX: +49(0)551/5035-99