Plasmonic particles

The generation and controlled arrangement of metallic nanoparticles is very important for the fabrication of plasmonic components. Arrays of gold or silver nanoparticles are used for instance as substrates for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). The plasmonic resonance of these noble metal particles enables high sensitivity for excitation in the visible spectral range. However, due to their little adhesion to glass, for many applications nanostructured gold or silver films on top of the substrate do not exhibit sufficient stability. Therefore, concepts for embedding particles partially or completely in the near-surface glass material are desired. Performing pulsed UV-laser irradiation of thin noble metal films deposited on glass substrates at sufficiently high fluence, the incorporation of metal particles in the glass is observed. This process is called laser implantation.


For the implantation of gold into pure fused silica, fluences of about 1 J/cm² at 193 nm laser wavelength are required. Using a SiOx (x ≈ 1) coated SiO2-substrate, the implantation of gold into this coating can be accomplished at significantly lower fluences starting from 0.2 J/cm². Particles with diameters in the range of 10 to 60 nm are implanted to a depth of about 40 nm as identified by transmission electron microscopy. An additional high temperature annealing step in air leads to the oxidation of SiOx to SiO2, without influencing the depth distribution of the particles significantly. Absorption spectra show a characteristic plasmon resonance peak at 540 nm. Thus, pure silica glass (SiO2) with near surface incorporated plasmonic particles can be fabricated with this method. Such material systems may be useful for example as robust substrates for plasmonic applications.


Further information:

H. Stolzenburg, P. Peretzki, N. Wang, M. Seibt, J. Ihlemann:
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