Security and Process control

The objective of our research in the security sector is to protect people from the threats of natural disasters, major accidents, and terrorism. In the field of safety engineering, we are investigating new detection methods for explosives, thus making controls at, e.g., airports more reliable and effective. Another challenge is the chemical assessment of the state of health of ammunition in the sea.

Process control requires fast, non-destructive, selective, and sensitive measurement procedures. The processes should be robust, low-maintenance, and inexpensive. Optical methods are in principle very well suited for this. Examples of this are the determination of moisture in matrices such as coffee using near-infrared spectroscopy and chemometry and the development of a device for the quantification of bitter substances in beers by means of absorbance measurement. These requirements are also met by ion mobility spectrometry, which has been researched and implemented for the monitoring of formaldehyde concentration in the production of wood-based materials.


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Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen e.V. (LLG)

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"Photonic Sensor Technologies"

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