Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor (visible & IR spectral range)

Beam profiling with camera-based Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensors allows a comprehensive determination of relevant beam parameters (profile, wavefront, phase distribution, …) within one measurement making the wavefront sensor especially suitable for pulsed or fluctuating laser sources. Beam diameter, divergence and M2 are derived from the wavefront and the near-field pattern with very high accuracy from a single measurement in real time. Moreover, it enables a complete description of the propagation behavior and thus, the intensity distribution e.g. in far field or at the beam waist may be calculated.

The wavefront sensor is available as a commercial product, distributed by LOT Quantum Design for the European market (USA: Lightspeed Technologies), that is already applied by several companies and institutes.


Further informations:

Produktflyer Hartmann-Shack-Wellenfrontsensor (PDF)

You can download a free demo version of the "MrBeam"-Software developed in our department to aquire, analyse and manipulate images here:


Produktflyer Hartmann-Shack-Wellenfrontsensor (PDF)


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