Absorption / Scattering

According to ISO 11551 absolute absorption of optical components is measured by a high resolution (UV-) laser calorimeter which enables the determination of linear as well as non-linear absorption losses in optical materials. For the used irradiation wavelengths (193 nm, 248 nm, 351 nm) a fast evaluation of the long-term behavior of DUV optics at low energy density is possible.

  • Precise measurement of absorption according to ISO 11551 (ppm sensitivity)
  • Determination of linear and two-photon absorption coefficients
  • Observation of aging and degradation (e.g. color center formation)
  • Non-destructive quality control of excimer laser optis


    Losses in UV-optics due to scattering are evaluated with a special setup consisting of an excimer laser as light source and a coated Ulbricht's sphere as integrating detector.

    • Determination of total scatter (TS) in the UV spectral range
    • Sensitivity: <1 ppm at 248 nm, <30 ppm at 193 nm
    • 2D mapping of scatter distribution


    Further information:

    Produktflyer Optikcharakterisierung (PDF)

    C. Görling et al.:
    Comparative studies of absorptance behaviour of alkaline-earth fluorides at 193 nm and 157 nm,
    Appl. Phys. B. 74 (3) (2002)

    C. Görling et al.:
    Surface and bulk absorption in CaF2 at 193 and 157nm, Opt. Comm. 249 (1-3) (2005)


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