isoSTED microscopy

IsoSTED microscopy is a clever combination of STED and 4Pi microscopy and reduces the (cigar-shaped) confocal volume to a sphere of only 30 nm diameter. This corresponds to a reduction of the focal volume by three orders of magnitude [Schmidt et al., 2009].

The coherent use of two opposing objective lenses (4Pi configuration) renders an almost isotropic resolution in all three spatial dimensions.





This “3D-nanosope” was the first light microscope to unravel the interior of mitochondria (the cellular power plants) in intact cells [Schmidt et al., 2008].

It was therefore possible to image the distribution of two proteins, one forming clusters on the mitochondrial membrane, the other being distributed in the interior of the organelle, with unprecedented resolution.



Further information:

  • R. Schmidt, C. A. Wurm, S. Jakobs, J. Engelhardt, A. Egner, S. W. Hell (2008):
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     Nature Meth. 5 (6), 539 - 544
  • R. Schmidt, C. A. Wurm, A. Punge, A. Egner, S. Jakobs, S. W. Hell (2009):
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  • S. W. Hell, R. Schmidt, A. Egner (2009):
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    Nature Photonics 3, 381 - 387


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