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Department "Photonic Sensor Technology"

Photonic technologies become more important, not only in the field of material processing and material characterization. The research of complex physical, chemical and biological systems is no longer conceivable without photonic technologies. Photonic sensor technology has found its way into industry, surgeries and the ordinary life besides its use in research laboratories. The advantages of these sensor technologies are the nondestructive, contact-free and direct measurements and analyses of substances, systems and products.

The department “Photonic Sensor Technology” centers on the development of new optical, mostly spectroscopic, measurement procedures and measurement systems for the following areas of application:


The investigated applications of photonic sensor technology includes the following categories: Industrial process control, process analysis for process optimization, characterization of micro-fluidic procedures, proteome analysis in biotechnology, detection of infectious agents in medical diagnostics and the detection of pollutants in environmental analytics.

In 2005, the department “Photonic Sensor Technology” emerged from a fusion of the working groups “Combustion and Flow-Diagnostic” and “Environmental Sensing” . A combined engagement was important for the development of new optical measurement and analysis procedures for the named applications. An integration of detailed know-how and the consequent improvement of existing synergies in the area of spectroscopic measurement techniques was a reason for the fusion, too. The multi disciplinary team cooperation of physicists, chemists, physiochemists and engineers in this department is a successful combination to manage the interdisciplinary tasks of this new working field.